Learning Basic technique Play Guitar Strumming

Learning Basic technique Play Guitar Strumming

Basic Strumming Technique Playing Guitar

learn barmain basic guitar techniques one of which is a technique of strumming or we are familiar with if you learned menggenjreng correctly then you will be easier to play songs. By learning a few basic models and you will also get used to the guitar, then you will be able to easily play the song you want. In this article, we will discuss the steps and basic techniques of scratching the guitar playing. If you're still learning to play the guitar and have trouble memorizing agreement or key guitar, please click Tricks Memory and Learning Key Guitar Complete With fast .

teknik dasar bermain gitar

basic technique Playing Guitar

position the strings are plucked or played

for its maximum, you can do this strumming technique is the string that is located between the earpiece and the saddle or bridge. You must know where the location of your conduct or the excerpts strumming the strings affect the sound. If you choose to scratch the top or near the neck, the sound will be warmer and bass while if you opt to scratch the bottom of the saddle approach / bridge, the sound will be brighter and treble. Although there is no rule that is linked to it, but for those of you who are just learning the basic techniques of the guitar, you should use the standard.

Read down to stroke and stroke

cara bermain gitar

In the basic techniques of guitar playing on it -ci you can play down stroke or strum down and up strokes or pick up. More details that can diartiken with your hand movements while strumming, either downwards or upwards. To practice techniques of scratching the low blows, you can set a string model then scrape the downward run down, change to any agreement you can and perfect sound. In addition to learning strokes, you can use all the keys and pick up from the ground

Combine Up Technical -. Low stroke

If you have studied and mastered by a technical race and down stroke, this time you need to learn to combine the basic techniques of playing the guitar. In a strumming guitar playing, you should be able to play up - smooth ride. For beginners who are learning to play the guitar, you can use the simplest model, namely: (DUDUDUDU) D is run down and U Up stroke. You should also know that in learning the techniques required strumming tempo and precision, so in learning strumming patterns above, you should be able to adjust the tempo so that is always right, you can even use a metronome to keep the tempo steady.

guitar chord switching

When you feel comfortable with the basic techniques of playing the guitar up and down race time in an agreement, then you have to practice to get the rope. Suppose you start scratching up - running down with a G chord, then after a few strokes you replace it with another agreement as C and D, and so on in the same hit every movement agreement. To begin, you must use the standard progression is simply (Em-C-G-D). Find out how in How do I know Acoustic Guitar With the Quick Method .

Tried more complicated pattern

There is hardly a song using only the pattern (DUDUDUDU), it is just a model for the training courses and indeed, it would be boring playing the same pattern again and again because it is very flat. You can make a change to the pattern example (dududu-U). Or with a model that is very popular and widely used in populeryaitu songs (OOFF-DU). Here are some models that are commonly used in a song and you can use to learn, but first make sure you understand a blow to the song.

teknik dasar bermain gitar

You can also find strumming patterns used in a song. It is listening to the song and feel the rhythm and after that you can follow the rhythm of the song followed perform on your guitar strumming. Now you are able to know the basic techniques of playing the guitar, you can start learning to a variety of more complex strumming patterns, eg on a rock song. By strumming the guitar is you become more attractive and does not seem boring to a lot of rhythm that can be used.

variations Practice strumming

If only strumming alone may seem boring, but there are ways to do it will not be boring by adding variations to stifle the strings, you can make basic techniques of playing the guitar using your fingers and hands. While you scratch, you sound damping the strings. This can be done left or right hand. For example, when you use the right hand to strum then your left hand to stop the strings of a way to keep it without support. It would be an interesting rhythm on guitar strumming patterns. It also makes the guitar that you are not too monotonous.

Tempo is important

Very many beginners guitar that does not pay attention to this learning, they are just too focused to strumming patterns they have learned but forgotten a tempo. When performing the technique basic strumming of guitar playing, try using a metronome, metronome app now many applications that you can install on the smartphone. If you are too lazy to do, you can ask for help to friends to make a knocking sound you can hear, but it is less effective. Once you get used to scrape with a metronome, you can control the tempo smoothly and you will also be able to automatically create the tempo beats in your mind when you play the guitar. I was also divided on the tempo of Article Chord Guitar Tips learning fast Basics .

Start playing a song

This is the essence of learning the guitar and the basic techniques of guitar playing that you have learned. This is the practice of playing a song, start with a song that is easy and you can use it to learn basic strumming guitar patterns.

By practicing some of the above, you will soon master the strumming technique on the guitar. My advice, you should always practice, practice and practice to be able to master a skill. Similarly, the basic techniques of guitar playing can help

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