Learning guitar melody required 5 Basic technique could

Learning guitar melody required 5 Basic technique could

learn guitar melodies 5 base mandatory Techniques Can

learn guitar melody is an advanced level of learning the guitar, once you master how to play guitar properly with engineering techniques basic example strumming, fingerpicking or other techniques. Learn this melody is a continuation of that. Just like when you learn guitar, play guitar melodies, you can also learn themselves or self-taught. Before that, for those who want to learn the guitar, please see Guidelines learn guitar for beginners .

belajar melodi gitar

Most people who see others play guitar melodies, sometimes they decide they want to learn to play well. To begin learning the melody of the guitar, you can start with the rhythm (your own master), simple picking and learning to play a song you like tab. If you successfully pass this stage, you have mastered the basics for beginners to play guitar melodies. After that, you can improve the game and make the tone of the voice resulting from the more varied melody using the guitar melodies techniques for example throwing hammer, remove, and drag to play guitar melodies you.

Technical Nah which we will discuss in this article. In the game guitar melodies, usually using the technique. In addition, the guitar tab, it is also a symbol of special symbols to use techniques that, more details please click How to Read Guitar Tab for beginners

Melody Guitar Technique :.


Hammer is one of the techniques you need to master first learning guitar melodies, this technique that connects two or more notes in a short period of time, or more easily next you play a note on the same string play other notes without scratching again so that the finger you use to the press should be fast by pressing before the strings stopped. Hammer designated by "h" letter of the tab, for example exercises using the following tabs:

cara bermain gitar

For more melodic guitar tabs above is a example using the hammer technique on. Squeeze the strings skillfully crafted first opened to be strong enough to produce a sound that is durable, quickly tap your finger to fret one string 3. Well here you can produce two tones with a single quote. Master the first to play with two-tone, after which you can learn to 3 tones. Once you hit with a finger on the third fret now quickly again Touch your middle finger to fret 5. With a quote, you can produce 3 notes at once.


This technique involves removing the reverse hammer on the techniques that I gave on learning guitar melody on top. You already know that the hammer technique, we hear a ringing freight fret on the bottom with a quote. Now to pull this face, you sound a few notes on the hoop down on it with a quote. For example, to learn guitar melodies, use the following tabs:

belajar gitar melodi

you need to put the middle finger on the string a box 7 and the index on the 5th fret and pick them quickly raise your middle finger so that it can produce two tones in a citation. For other strings can also do the same.


Slide done by selecting a note, then drag a finger on the other disk in the same chain without lifting a finger to so that the finger is still attached to the strings when changing positions. This slide is also divided into two slide down "" symbol and drag up "/" symbol. Here is a tab to learn guitar melodies for slide technique:

cara belajar gitar

First, you can strum the strings one box 7 with the middle finger, us slide or drag upward to fret 5. to slide down after a previous scheme and place the index finger on the second fret 5 string, rope and drag your finger down to the strings 7.


Vibrato is indeed similar to the technique used a singer to sing a long tone, this technique is done by playing a note and then vibrate the strings above the bottom so that the voice fresh resulting simmering. This technique will be easier on the electric guitar because the strings are not too thick. let easier we look at the image to learn melodic tremolo guitar, I feel no need to use tab because this technique uses only a tone and it could be that you train.

belajar melodi gitar

Once you placing a finger on a string and then the next you need to pluck the strings of his voice loud enough so loud and long. Then getarkan finger you use to press the top down while keeping the strings and the strings are still sound. Do this by repeating these vibrations up down until woken by specific and produce a sound that vibrates.


If you are able to meminkan technical vibrato on learning the guitar melody on top, then you can certainly play this folding technique. Bending is a technique that is similar to the vibrato, but the difference if vibrato we vibrate the strings from top to bottom, the folding technique we just need to push the string up the course to produce a higher tone with a voice acute.

belajar bermain melodi gitar

this technique is quite easy to do, I have something to this folding technique. The trick is, if you play one note and will fold you try to squeeze it in the ring finger (finger 3) and the middle finger (jari2) so that the strings are pressed by two fingers. Notably, the finger 3 that are on the box that will tone you play and finger 2 behind so you could say to cover and strengthen your fingers 3. After picking, perform bending with two fingers. Using two fingers will make your fingers bending more strongly than if one finger. Although you can add more of the index behind the middle finger so it becomes three fingers. This trick is very effective for melody learn guitar for beginners. . If it is less clear look at the above image, in the image he used three fingers to membending string

Well, to learn all the tips above, you can play following tabs:

I think some techniques above is sufficient for a beginner just learning guitar melodies. The technique is widely used in guitar playing melodies. To practice, you can play the tabs above if the tab is already know you, then you can look on the Internet or any other guitar solo tablature of the song you like. . Similarly, about learning guitar melody guide can help

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