Learning to picking acoustic guitar for beginners #Seri 5

Learning to picking acoustic guitar for beginners #Seri 5

learn to picking acoustic guitar for beginners #Seri 5

How to play the most requested guitar how to strum the guitar . It is actually a very easy way learn acoustic guitar for the passage of this technique. If you are able to master these techniques, your guitar will be more beautiful and varied. You can even romantic songs accompany the song on guitar. Tricks that I will give is the series of five laps on how to play the guitar, the other series please click set Learning Series Guitar .

A trick is necessary in the process of learning the acoustic guitar, the trick is too used to be precise so that people do embarrassing or even misleading that are learning. Therefore, I will share tips to scratch the guitar very suitable for beginners to learn because this trick is very simple and easy to learn. Only by using an acoustic guitar at home. But before exploring this technical guitar picking, before that you are fluent in the formation of an agreement with your finger that goes smoothly when learning to play guitar. For those who have not properly you can learn here Figure Key Guitar Basics required essential beginners and key pendants also included here How to Play Guitar Hanging Key in 3 days .

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How to strum the guitar

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optimize your fingers

The first trick to learn guitar acoustic whch is to optimize the finger you use to pluck the strings. The point you should use at least two of your fingers, ie the thumb and forefinger or middle finger to adjust to your comfort. Using two fingers is the easiest way to perform excerpts on guitar. Therefore, in order to practice the use of two fingers. If the two fingers is new smooth, you can improve it.

How exercise is to exercise the coordination of two fingers. You need to strum the guitar strings using a key lock you have mastered, use your thumb to strum the strings 4,5 and 6, while the index or middle finger the strings 1,2 and 3. this way the use of the finger will be optimized. You can pick two channels at once, for example, channels 4-6 for the tone of the bass and the chord 1 to 3 for the melody.

Tips to increase speed

The speed of the finger guitar playing is amazing. It takes a finger flexibility, accuracy, and coordination between the fingers of the left and right hand appropriately. To increase the speed to the guitar make sure that you have mastered how to play guitar with two fingers, if not then read again the first method above. It was due to pick up speed, you need a finger again so accustomed to three fingers. With the help of a finger again, it is certain channels are located far enough can be learned in a short time.

The basic task is still the same, namely the channels 4, 5 and 6, but can also help other strings if necessary. Thumb namely channels 1, 2, 3 and 4, while on the middle finger that Cordes 1, 2 and 3. Exercise with a slow tempo first, if well then increase the tempo be quick tempo. With practice slowly, you will quickly learn how to master the acoustic guitar. After that, you will still be able to use all parts of your fingers to maximize the speed of the tempo by playing the guitar.

Learning Acoustic Guitar

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With a top

sometimes there are many people play the guitar using a pick. Using select the guitar sound produced will be brighter, is very suitable for rock music. So if you are a guitarist of a rock band, not necessary to remove a pick when you perform excerpts on guitar.

How to play guitar with a choice is also very easy. But you must also have mastered the technique of picking that without a recovery in the top because the technique is also required. During the first practice to use a selection to strum the strings just in time not to reach two strings at once.

In addition, a combination of the use of the deck with his bare hands, as he has already learned the art of learning acoustic guitar excerpt above. The trick is to choose allows you to strum all the strings of the guitar, but if at some point the pick used to pluck the strings up and you need to scrape the bottom rope or you had to choose two string once, then how you can use the middle finger, gentle finger and little finger to help. This way you can pull some strings at once if using a choice.

For harmonious or not off-key tones, it is necessary to set the tone of the strings or right path is setting the article here 4 guitar tuning ways quickly and accurately .
you have to practice and practice diligently to quickly master the techniques to learn the acoustic guitar on it. Up here, the first tutorial on how to strum the guitar practiced safely

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