Learning tricks Basic Guitar Chord Quick jump Could #Seri 7

Learning tricks Basic Guitar Chord Quick jump Could #Seri 7

Quick Tricks Learn Basic Guitar Chord Jump could #Seri 7

learning guitar chord especially bases guitar chords is an obligation for those of you who are learning to play guitar. Indeed, the basic agreement as the name suggests is based so that the rope is the most widely used and a base or benchmark against other agreements. For beginners, who has never held a guitar is a little difficult to learn, but if you practice hard then easily you master it.
something I will discuss now is a continuation of some of the previous series and I collected here [Series set Learning Guitar , for those who have not read the previous series stuff that you must learn because you must first master the trick before. Learn guitar chords if you already understand it is not too difficult, especially again basics of guitar string to form chord patterns that are difficult.

belajar chord gitar

Chord Guitar Basics

In this follow-up article, I will discuss in depth to know the tempo, smoothness and speed when moving and play basic guitar chords. Before entering a more difficult agreement, then you should already smoothly when using the base chord. Thus, the process you learn guitar chords more complex models will also be faster. For reference for those of you that are not stored on the basic agreement, you can see Controlled Figure Key Guitar Starter Basic Mandatory . Once you master the basic agreement that you can learn the more complicated rope.

Learning Guitar Chord

In the previous case, you have to practice to play the progressions chord progression is simple, even if the tempo is always random mess, but it may already be equipped to use the trick that I will discuss. I guess you were able to play some progressions such as A-F-C-G is not too difficult, and I assume that you are fluent in the movement of the key, for example, from A to F, F to C and so on. If not, please read more in my previous article.
What would we practice what tempo we play the guitar. For those who do not know what the tempo, the tempo language is easy rhythm or beats. For example like this, when you hear a piece of music, it was certainly not struck just participate in music. To prove you alone can make beats when the music is on, for example, striking the table or something with the same speed and rhythm of the song. Although this is called maturity.

chord dasar gitar
If you play the guitar, but without tempo, you can imagine the music produced definitely too unpleasant. Especially if you accompany the song, certainly people singing will be confused because you play the guitar is not based on the right tempo. Also, the tempo can also be used to train our speed to play the progressions of basic guitar chords. We need a tool called a metronome, but if you do not then you can download the metronome on a smartphone or a laptop. Metronome can generate beats beats that you can adjust the speed. Now we will use the hit single to learn guitar chords.
cara bermain gitar
metronome setting that knock is generated with one voice, tik tik tik example tik sound only. Then, at the beginning, you can use eg 50 bpm tempo can be set to a metronome. In the tempo play guitar basic chord progressions, eg A-F-C-G. Once you play gentle tempo, then learning guitar chords, you can increase the tempo again be eg 60 bpm. Make the way it continues until you are at a fairly rapid pace. The essence of the matter is that you must do it slowly if you can not fast, then slow start much over time significantly increases your ability so you can speed up the tempo again. In addition to the progress above, you can also play songs that chordnya simple.
Once you master this trick you can use it for any other type of lock. You can read How quickly learn self Guitar is perfect for beginners Guide .
Very easy right out to learn the basic guitar chords, just need a metronome or application. Although there is still no, you can say for example your friends to make beats. But the way it was not effective enough because in addition to distress as your friend certainly generated speed is not fixed. So first round of learning guitar chords survived practice and hopefully useful

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