Macam Macam Key Guitar Major, Minor, Augmented Decreased

Macam Macam Key Guitar Major, Minor, Augmented Decreased

Macam Macam Key Guitar Major, Minor, Augmented Decreased

this time I will discuss Various agreements and how the key is set up so that you do not need to see guidelines on how to play the guitar chord because by mastering this theory then you can create your own guitar keys. In a previous article 3 Steps How to play guitar for beginners I say that learning theory is important, therefore, I decided to write about the kind of basic guitar lock.

macam macam kunci gitar

Macam Macam Key Guitar


Maybe this is common, you hear talk about a major key, for example C major or D major. Major is included in one of the many types of guitar chord. Start learning to play guitar with guitar chord is pretty basic. In this example, we will see the major chord. To begin, let's take a basic tone, because we will see a key A, then the fundamental tone as A:

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From these images a wrong kind of locking guitar which is a key shape, Nada first formed in the key a is the root key (1 = C) itself, namely a, which is located on the 5 string and fret 0 string 3 fret 2. This was followed by a series tone C # representing solmilasi a = no, C # is the tone for 3 or mi. A major chord in C # is located on the 2nd fret strings 2. Last tone in the key of A major is the fifth tone or floor A = do is E. In this key of A major, E is 6 0 strings fret, fret 4 string 2 and string a 0. No box that sounded in the key of an important represent all the strings so that you can reap all channels.

from the above, you can already form a key to a major. It can be concluded that the agreement is important either A or agreement, formed by the pattern of notes:

1 3 5 (C, E, G, with do = basic key)

At one guitar Various key figures are not, and that number will allow you to lock certain key.


Different types of following guitar chords such minor. In addition to the largest, the key guitar is also a major key, you must know everything. Currently, only a minor key notes of a course have changed little from the pattern of the previous major chord. Examples of minor kunciA like this:

belajar gitar

Can you see a pattern similar to the previous agreement Various pattern of the finger. In A Minor these changes on the notes that much was the 2nd string band 2 (C #), the major chord transformed into 2 strings fret 2 or C. From this we can draw conclusions as to how whose formation is minor chord.

No third or noodles on a scale of a major, I mentioned above is C #. However, in a minor key, C # has changed or lowered by a semitone becomes C. In addition, the other position has not changed is not on a 5 A and not E. Now, if the model major chord is 1 3 5 when the minor chord model namely:

1 3b 5 (with do = basic key)

you can see that if a type of guitar various agreements is compared with a triads important, there is one that is no different, and the difference is in Note 3 to the drop of a semitone. This is the main difference between the large and small buttons


The next guitar chord Miscellaneous we will learn more about augmented button. In augmented key is not very different from the primary key, one note different from the main key. So what is the difference with the minor key? , See the A button August or so-called A + follows:

macam macam kunci gitar

If we see kind of lock guitar was first on a large can -being with a + is almost similar when viewed 3 strings are pressed to know the channels 2, 3 and 4. However, in the key of a + which is coupled to the first fret 1. chain in the key to a major chord was used is 1 case 0, Okay now I will talk about the differences.

start with the basic tone or not it is the same at A on Channel 5 fret 0 and string 3 fret 2 followed by notes 3 are always the same and the key a major is the note C # is the second fret on string 2. well here it is different than the 5nya not to take this increased not raised 5 semitones so that it becomes # 5. In the key of A +, not 5 # -to ​​say the tone F that are in the channel 4 band 3 and string a box 1. From this it can be concluded that the old agreement increased namely = base key

1 3 5 # (with do)

fifth highest rating semitones so that a # 5 in numerical order above will produce a sound which is different from the type of mayor agree that there the atmosphere was tense.


now it's time to sort of sort of the last chord of the lesson this time, decreased key. In this type of key is sometimes diminished quite foreign to those who learn to play guitar. The difference with the master key is that there are two different tones mayornya key. Look at the example the following key A Sun:

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Can you see that it is indeed one of the four locking guitar types above indeed quite different from the key or major. A weak agreement consists of three not the same as other types of locks are not first or do what is the fundamental tone is A on the 5th fret strings of 0 and a string 3 fret 2. Then proceed with the tone for 3 or noodles were little changed namely semitone reduced became 3b, the low agreement tone C is located on the 2nd fret strings 1. Finally, the semitone of your derivative is also 5 5b which is contained in the tone Eb or D # is the string that is 4 fret1. On this basis, we can conclude that the string pattern forming decreased namely:

1 3b 5b (with do = fundamental tone)

The conclusion of all kinds of chord types (major , minor, augmented and diminished)

kunci dasar gitar

Among the many types of guitar affects more we can play a keyboard easier guitar and we can also learn to forming constituent. By mastering all kinds guitar then we will be more varied. Do not forget to read the article on Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Prices and specifications . Some of the many types of agreements can be useful to the reader

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