How to Add Songs in Smule app

How to Add Songs in Smule app

Add songs Smule

Anyone with Smule account can add songs to Songbook. If you do not have one, you can register at or download the application and register there.
How do I add songs to Songbook?

1. You must first backing tracks that are not included vocals.
2. Once you have it, sign into your account on the Smule and click the green "Upload" button at the top right.
3. Click the "Songbook" option on the right.
4. Select and upload your backing track. Again, do not have to include vocals in the app so that the singer can sing on it.
5. Start typing the name of your song. If we already have in our system, we would recommend for you.
6. On the next screen, enter the relevant information about your tracks to see how it will appear on Songbook.
7. If you want to include the lyrics, ensure that the option is enabled and go to the next screen.
8. Enter the lyrics for your songs. Then, you can choose the path that belongs to sing the duet - part 1, part 2, or both.
9. On the next screen and the last, you'll time the lyrics to the music. Press the spacebar or click your mouse to indicate when the singer should see a line given on the screen. Once the line that appears, click with the mouse or pressing the space bar. Speaker icon appears to indicate what time the singer will sing.
10. After you finish the time all lines, click "Save" and the song will appear on your profile.

Happy singing!


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