Tricks Playing Guitar Key Gm or G Minor

Tricks Playing Guitar Key Gm or G Minor

Key Guitar Tricks Play Gm or G Minor

lock guitar Gm or G minor turned out to be very easy to learn and practiced even for beginners learning to play guitar. Guitar Chord Gm is widely used in popular songs of songs, although it may be familiar with the minor key that you normally wear these keys is a song that uses the complex chord progression, so that simple song rarely use this key.

As I have already discussed in key Macam Macam Guitar Major, Minor, increased, decreased , the formation of a minor is itself 1-3b-5 with 1 = basic tone. So for this guitar string can Gm then we shape the tone of the G-Bb-D, which is the key of G minor. With these three notes, you can play a chord tone is rich enough. As for the own chordnya form, on the basis of the G-Bb-D ratings may be formed some chord patterns. I will discuss two main guitar shapes Gm is easily played by beginners. Before you can read the article on Learn how to increase the speed of Play Melody Guitar .

Key Guitar Gm

The shape of a simple key

The guitar Gm key that first namely models with simple shapes so it is easy to play for beginners to learn to play guitar. In fact, this simple key is derived from several key hanging off the notes to be simpler. For details, please see the table below Gm agreement.

kunci gitar Gm

keys to how to play the guitar is very easy Gm. You just need to put your finger to press the strings 1, 2 and 3 on the box 3. Then use the ring finger to press the strings on 4 string box 5. Regarding the 5 and 6 should not be played. Well now you can try strumming strings 1-4 to play guitar Gm rope.

keys suspended form

guitar Next Gm Lock uses strikethrough or commonly called a key hanging agreements. For those who can not play please read the previous article on How to Play Guitar Cable Lock in 3 days . Well, this is the full version of the simple keys that previously I discussed above. So the key to this suspension, we can produce a more complex sound, for example in terms of low. Please see the table below Gm agreement.

cara bermain kunci gitar Gm

If you are able to play a key hanging, then there is no problem to play this guitar chord Gm. But for those who can not, I will give advice. First put your index finger to press all channels on the box 3 and make sure all the beep. Then place the ring finger to press the strings 5 ​​5 frets and fingers kelingkin fret the strings 4 5. You can honk all the strings on the guitar keys hanging gm.

For those who learn, I suggest using guitar chord gm modest advance after a new well using a key hanging. With a G minor chord menguasainy this, then you will be easier to play songs that use complex progressions contained therein Gm key. Some of the key guitar gm please try

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